Swiss Precision Elevators Specially Engineered for India

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Elevating you to a higher standard of living

Schindler elevators are designed and can be customised to meet all the needs of your building’s architecture. Its flexibility stretches across residential, commercial, and public transportation buildings. At Schindler, we pride ourselves on our elevator services that include Elevator Installation, Modernisation, Annual Maintenance, Plan and Design tool, and more.

An elevator for every desire

Schindler's elevator options cater to you and your building's specific needs. We offer passenger elevators, freight, and special elevators to meet your varying requirements.


Built to deliver passengers to their homes safely, quietly, efficiently, and in comfort, our residential elevators are easy-to-plan and can be highly standardized and fully-customized to meet your building needs.


Our elevators are designed to run at maximum efficiency during peak traffic, ensuring smooth and efficient mobility. They are equipped with regenerative drive technology to reduce travel energy by 30%.


Built to handle heavy traffic, our elevators transport shoppers quickly and keep the crowds moving with a goal to ensure smooth traffic flow. Schindler products are safe, easy-to-use, and are suitable for the disabled.


Designed to meet Swiss standards of precision, our hotel elevators ensure a swift, reliable and informative ride for guests. They can be tailored to match individual hotel layouts and their guests’ needs.


Schindler provides the means to move people to, from, and through public transport systems – including airports, subways, main railway stations and more. They ensure people get from point A to B quickly and conveniently and keep public spaces mobile at all times.


Specifically designed for healthcare, retirement, and spa facilities, our bed elevator is reliable, durable and spacious enough to hold patients and equipment at the same time. It comes with special control options for emergency services.

Maximise your elevator's efficiency

Regardless of your building type, Schindler elevators operate at the highest standard. Our Innovative Install Services fulfil international requirements and regulations.